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Because this could be so easily done, disciplinary spankings of young women by mothers, fathers, boyfriends, or husbands were far more common than is the case today. Has he ever used it. This is a serious, no sexual, spanking and trust me sitting is very uncomfortable, and when someone drops in i just wish i could run and hide. The husband wife relationship is no exception to this rule. A wife pleases her husband on his private train. She generally uses a whippy rattan cane with a traditional crook handle although sometimes she resort to her heavy flat-backed hairbrush, but regardless of what spanking implement she decides to use, she always gives it to me on my bare bottom.

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Consensual spanking: why women spank their husband?Wife spank their husband pictures.

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Among other things, it can create a love triangle that not only turns two former friends into enemies, but also leaves you with neither of them. Maybe your wife is not watching too much tv or spending too much time online but she is still neglectful toward her duties in your home.