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There’s no brad pitt of body odor! a woman’s nose not only responds to a man’s body-odor in terms of his biological suitability, women actually find how a man smells to be the most important factor in their sexual. Assuming this information is correct, how does bathing and/or showering affect this? most people in western society bath or shower daily. & inzlicht, m. Physical attractiveness in women is indicative of potential fertility and social status in men is indicative of being able to help a woman rear her children. Differential use of sensory information in sexual behavior as a function of. So much so that i have met better looking men and nobody gets me going except him.

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Scent sex.

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In the words of one respondent: “if i’m with a guy who smells really good, nothing else about him seems to matter. Called the major histocompatibilty complex (mhc), and everyone, except if you have an identical twin, has a unique set of mhc genes.