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The mutated mc1r protein that may only manifest as fiery locks in as little as 1 to 2 percent of the population. It acts as a receptor or ‘receiver’ for pigment-driving hormones as well as the pain-relieving hormones known as. There was someone else i recall who in recent history expounded on the genetic superiority of certain groups. Believe it or not, the mc1r genes that cause red hair are also responsible for other physical characteristics that make redheaded sex the best ever. Dwindling libido can assuage somewhat the grief of persistent loneliness. With faster and fuller physical responses, many redheads report that it doesn’t take much effort to reach the big “o.

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If i was able to have my way we would likely have sex about 20 times a week but its usually limited to 6 or so. So in addition to being stronger, bigger brained, and bigger-eyed than h sapiens sapiens, we can now add pain resistant. And me? well, my wife has promised me that i have a place in her new world order- so long as i keep doing the dishes.

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