Market penetration curve

S-shaped market adoption curve

F# training & consulting. Thank you so much for providing this solution, and even more for explaining it clearly so everyone can implement it. @ billy boyle: very effective (and visually pleasing) way to illustrate the impact of parameters on the shape of the bass curve. I have been working on innovation as a theory for a case study on virtual world, i have used your excel file for generating the s-curve.

The math

Market penetration curve.

Business plans for entrepreneurs and managers

If i understand you correctly, you want a curve which begins at 0% and ends at 100% over time, matching certain levels over time. Billy boyle’s interactive model is nice , but i do believe that p & q are mislabelled. Our goal is the following: given two values f1 and f2, and two dates t1 and t2, we want to find the two values alpha and t0 such that f(t1) = f1 and f(t2) = f2.