Male multiple orgasm secrets

Multiple orgasms for men are all about pelvic floor control

If you pursue this route, what people do is to have multiple orgasms per ejaculation, not simply increasing how often they can ejaculate. Like girls, they can masturbate as many times as they want without stopping, but a lot of them never try, so they never find this out. I really appreciate it. More than 3,000 years ago, when they realized that men could have multiple full-body orgasms by withholding ejaculation. Don’t skip or ignore the safety precautions.

How men can have multiple orgasms - askmenThe tantra secret of male multiple orgasms | exploration of the sacred & conscious; including sexuality

The pioneering research

Male multiple orgasm secrets.

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In that sense, their experiences are closer to the truth than that of most adult males. The important point is where is the energy going to go instead.