Kenwood amateur handheld aprs

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Ipx5 water spray resistant. The th-d72a can even function as an igate when properly connected! this transceiver is sure to make ham radio operations easier and more fun for all. The kenwood th-d72 handheld offers many aprs functions in a small unit. By w5jgv i originally wanted an antenna that would not hit everything overhead while driving, since it was to be installed on a van. D-star** for voice/data transmission over digital amateur radio networks. The traditional way to do this has been to use a packet radio tnc. Other symbols you may see on the map are generated by amateur aprs users using their client software.

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Kenwood amateur handheld aprs.


Bluetooth and gps options. But it also includes an option to use the computer sound card as a tnc which has sufficient functionality for aprs use.