Husbands wearing wifes pantyhose

I kept saying that my legs hurt real bad so she told me to get support hose. I also assured her that i had no hidden motives to sneak out or do anything stupid like that. Well i’ve crossdressed for a few years now. (if the manufacturer put a fly in these they would have a good selling male product on the market.

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Husbands wearing wifes pantyhose.

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I have chatted to my husband, it seems that he wants more from sex than i may be able to give him, last night i let him come to bed in my panties with his ridiculous landing stripe, i used my dildo and made him cum in me and clean up orally and then i used the dildo again and had him suck it clean, i thought that once he had ejaculated then he would lose the desire, he got hard again while doing this and we actually had a great evening. You are commenting using your facebook account. I tried them on for her and they did fit.