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The woman on her knees, leaning on your forearms so your buttocks are raised, and the man kneeling behind her, took her by the waist and hips to control the action. It is undoubtedly one of the most intense, intimate, loving and tender sex positions to hit the g-spot. Is a water based lube called revelation. Either way, you can ask her about it when you finish, so you know how to prepare for next time.

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Reverse cowgirl

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Doggie style

I absolutely love any position where he is right about to fall out, but then he does frequently and it hurts him. You can control the penetration with your hips as well as by holding her legs. It is necessary to clarify that the g-spot stimulation through the introduction of the penis is difficult if not help with manual stimulation, particularly in women having vaginal muscles stretched by childbirth.

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