Dwarf giant height midget midgit posing shorty tall

I can’t wear eye glasses or hats unless they come from the children’s department. In rainer’s case, this was caused by a tumour on his pituitary gland which led to an overproduction of growth hormones in his body. You are not allowed to request a sticky. I am a 42 year old woman who stands 4’8″. 5′, i do not mind being called a midget. I am small 4′ 10. Anyway my friends have called me c-4 because dynamite just doesn’t pack a large enough punch.

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Dwarf giant height midget midgit posing shorty tall.


Appreciate the little things. A: he could finally hold his head up high. Means of increasing adult height by several inches is limb-lengthening surgery, though availability is limited and cost is high in terms of dollars, discomfort, and interruption of life.