Asian carp is not a carp

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Why not use the filtration system of the mussels take filtered out of the lake and replace it with floating fish farm water. Anyone who finds or catches a fish in canadian waters suspected of being an asian carp is encouraged to report it immediately at 1-800-563-7711 or. They are a little late. One of the most important elements in stopping the transport of asian carps into canadian waters is bringing public attention to information sources like this one. Subsequent flooding events in the southern u. If you or anyone you know trades in live fishes, either for food or for pets, make sure you and they observe all regulations governing banned species and ask for expert help if there is any question about the identity of a particular fish.

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Lake michigan itself is the greatest asian carp deterrent - the cruxAsian carp is not a carp.


Accordingly, dfo is engaged in the battle through. When it comes to the silver carp, when startled by a passing boat engine, they can jump as high as three metres out of the water.