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Interestingly, no consensus exists as to how to optimally perform the test. The monoplar electrode is less selective, however, which may be a disadvantage when trying to isolate single recruited muaps, and they have more recording artifact. Scanning is performed transabdominally in the transverse and sagittal planes, and the height, width, and depth are determined. The following components are most essential to planning surgical therapy: In normal voiding, a smooth increase and a subsequent decrease in flow rate should be observed. In other words, patients with a normal continence mechanism can generate intra-abdominal pressures high enough to cause fainting without provoking stress incontinence.

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Patel bn, kobashi kc. Uroflow studies should be performed with a minimum of 150-200 ml in the bladder. Emg requires additional expertise but should be considered in the difficult clinical situation.