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What about older ladies with floppy boobs, i have more volume underneath than on top, making it difficult to decide what size cup i am. It’s more pronounced during your preperiod week, especially if you have fibrocystic breast disease, a condition triggered by hormone changes that causes your breasts to swell, get tender, and ache, says miriam greene, md, clinical assistant professor of ob-gyn at nyu school of medicine. When i got home, i took off all of my work clothes except with red bodysuit. Go up one size in the cup. This will keep your skin moisturized, which reduces dryness-induced itching.

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Your boobs may be proportionally bigger than your torso, so tops that fit your body don’t fit your breasts. Apply an otc antifungal cream to kill the yeast. Usually full coverage, demi, and convertible bras have the narrowest set straps which help to keep them on you shoulders.